Birth of Summerbird and Names of the Flock

Hey, all. This is my new blog. Later I’ll be posting some games here, but to begin with let me send you to some other people I like, who’ve been posting lately:

Dissolute Games is where my girl Elizabeth writes stuff.
One Thousand One is my boy Jonathan. Jon has about eight million web presences, but this is Ground Zero, and you can find his other things radiating from it.
Deeper in the Game is the phoenix of Chris Chinn. I like it.
Muragami Desu is Jason Petrasko.
Monkey Do, Monkey See is Joshua A.C. Newman.
If you don’t know about Fair Game and anyway., I dunno what to say.
Friends who I haven’t linked, maybe you should update your blogs, huh?

Finally, Raven Swallows the Sun is my old blog, where you’ll find art, games, food, and fiction. As time passes, the food and games will move to their own places, but the art and fiction are there to stay.

Welcome to Summerbird. I hope you’ll enjoy your stay.


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