Another Bird; Eggs in the Nest

I’d like to share Sugarcrane with you. They are a jewelry-design group that makes really striking, masculine accessories with an interesting tinge of the multicultural and the antique, but with a modern edge. I kind of see them as the jewelry makers for Final Fantasy games; there is something of that fusion vibe in their work.

Plus, it’s stuff that I’d really like to wear.

It’s February 29, and a chance to make a 2-29 post only comes every four years, so I thought I’d take it today. I don’t have a lot to talk about, except for my Jiffycon Boston plans; I’m going to play Annalise with Nathan, and if things work out right, I’ll run the Mist-Robed Gate in the afternoon, although there is some whispering in the wind about doing a shot of Snow from Korea instead.

I’m really excited about Annalise. Nathan and I played it recently, as a two-player game, and it really rocks out. Having more people to play with will be super-interesting, too, as I didn’t get to see its secrets mechanics in action.

Whichever game I end up running, I’m a little apprehensive. Snow has shown its chops a couple of times, but it’s in dire need of an update to the text. It’s also got some complicated bits around the edges, that could do with some trimming. On the other side, Gate is really lean and tight, but it might be lean to the point of emaciation; I’m not sure that the rules provide all the content that we need to play it, without myself in attendance. It also hasn’t shown its function in actual play.

I’m leaning toward trying out Gate if I can get some willing persons, but I’ll be bringing Snow to fall back on.


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