Mist-Robed Gate On Creative Commons!

As some of you know, my wife Elizabeth Sampat and I have been struggling with our daughter Gwen’s schooling. Gwen is witty, clever, observant, and kind. She’s a wonderful daughter and a great big sister. Gwen is autistic.

Her school district has been unwilling and unable to afford her the special education services that she needs to be successful in school and later in life. The costs that we would need to front for this effort—legal fees, third-party services, tuition for private school placement, and so on—could bankrupt us.

Yesterday, the Fighting For Gwen fundraiser opened. Every Monday (or every other Monday, depending on the amount of authors we have), you’ll get a story in your inbox from a hand-picked, and in many cases award-winning author. We’ve got the support of some of our favorite authors in the RPG world— Cam Banks, Kenneth Hite and Matt Forbeck just to name a few— as well as some more mainstream novelists and unknown authors you’ll love. Within 24 hours, we have already been overwhelmed by the generosity of friends, peers, and strangers, who offered their support to help us ensure that our daughter can get the education she needs and live up to her potential.

As an added token of our gratitude, I will be releasing Mist-Robed Gate, my wuxia drama roleplaying game, under Creative Commons (attribution). You will be free to download it, alter it, and share it at will. I’ll post the plain-text version of the game on Monday.


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